by NeuroWulf

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Second album by NeuroWulf


released July 23, 2019

Written / Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Wulf
Art direction & Design by Wulf & N▲I T




NeuroWulf Ljubljana, Slovenia

NeuroWulf is a trance alias of a Slovenian composer / producer Wulf, previously known for his concept album oriented metal / electronic project Neurotech.

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Track Name: One Waking Eye
One waking eye sees half light
Track Name: Endurance
Walking out from this ugly place
From someone
Through the sun and alluring pain

Reaching out for more breathing space
From someone
Through the sun, doing the best I can

Whoever started this test
To counter the rising tide
It's just another mountain that I must climb

Whoever had fallen in the dark
And contaminating it all
There's another heart that I must find

Track Name: Inner Betrayal
Words unspoken
Carry the lie in your mind, in your soul
An opponent down
Laying down by my side

For an unholy crime
Bleeding time won't suffice
An opponent down

There is nothing for me
Nothing for you
Nothing for us
Too good be true

I never wanted
Any hidden portrayal
Ought to be a monster
Ought to prevail

I divide and I conquer
An inner betrayal
Ought to be stronger
Ought to be real

Wisdom unbroken
Carries the light in your mind, in your soul
An opponent down

There will be pain

Track Name: The Burden
Burden rising
It falls from me
It's unsinkable

Burden rising
It calls for me
How predictable

Whatever I do
It comes along
Wherever I go
It's far from home
Track Name: Lack of Control
I won't hide now
Any lack of control

No comparison
Two different pieces
If you romanticize
It will make you go blind

One more time

A prolonged thesis
If you saw the world through my eyes
It would make you go blind

One more time

I won't stop now
There's nowhere to go
I won't hide now
Any lack of control

Feel me
Like the water runs, piercing inside
Turn to me
I want to pick you up, there's so little time
Track Name: So I Leave
A longing inside of me
A pledging sign to decide
Completely silent
I'll never trust you again

Ensemble to fortify
The inner side of defense
In the nowhere now
I ain't seeing it so blind

All is cold deep inside
So I leave

A stretching spine within
Reaching out to align
Completely silent
I'll never start it again

Ensemble to amplify
The reason why to offense
In the nowhere now
I guess it won't be so hard

All is cold deep inside
So I leave
Track Name: Triage
Give me a sign


Don't you help me
I need to find my own way
Don't correct me
With that touch that decays

Don't you help me
I need to find my own space
Don't carres me
With that moment of grace

In disease in which you've hold me
With everything that you've told me
Fulfilled the need that you hate me
I disappear then you love me

I gave the sign in vain
When all is lost
There's all to gain

In triage
Track Name: Underlined
It all happened too late
To us
This time

We ascend
With the morning rise
Restructure the past
It's now or never

We descent
As the night comes down
The worst from the rest
Nothing will last forever

It happened too late
It all happened too late
To us
This time

All is closing down
Now we drown the world
To make it through another day

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